English version Circles of Care exhibition


Circles of care

This is infographic of circles of care show the ecology of caring componant.

The center of circles is patient

Inner network represents close relation that take care sanitery, eatary or serious health issues

Outer network represents friend, distant relative that could take care of daily and general well being

Communities represents formal groups or organisations take care of formal service about caring, dying or body management.

Health service represents government or private health care system.

Policy represents legal, law, rules that are obstacles or support caring actitvities. 

The portrait photos are representative people form each circles of care.


Carer: Pran Chanloha

Title: Point 82th

Technique: Print making, Novel book

This set of artworks inspired from “Mother” who wrote first her novel at age of 82 while she got frail and leaky heart valve disease.

“Starting point at 82th”

Use the dot to dot game in form of her novel’s charactors. 

Contemplating the appearing line will show you the begining and the ending.

Even if ‘this’ begining is very near of the end of life.


Artist: Maliwan Meesiri

Title: Travel with mom’s mental health

Technique: Acrylic on rusty steel plate

I take care of my mother who got third stage lymphoma. Chance of cure is not more than 50%. 

We confront fear, hopeless, anxiety, cry and grief. Everybody depress to unprepared life event. I find the way to free from suffering by information searching how to cure it. 

The more searching, the more stress and suffering.

In between curing process. I bring mother to the hospital with old sedan car from Petchaburi to Ratchaburi provence. 108 km round trip. 

We listen to the music, talk about many things openly. Spending time together by looking up the sky, feeling the air. We had nice moment till forgot the suffering we have. 

Time passed two months. Her weight decreased by 23 kg. Body turned yellow, pain in the stomach. She got surgery to remove the ovaries. However the cancer were spreading like rusty on steel plate.

However the cancer could be cure. Surgery’s scar had left on her skin. 

“We have been togeter difficult time all along. This is small thing. I can live with it.” Mom said.

After surgery. My mom had breathing issue. Oxygen was low. Lung weaked. Her breathing is not right. She can’t breath by herself.

I was shock. I aware that sometime we expect that physician will save us too much. We should take care more what we can such as how to breath correctly. 

Even my mom try to breath right, she still in crisis. She still had to use the ventilator and took chemotherapy. She live in pain.

3 years later my sedan care was brorken. So my mom have to drive by herself. I sit beside her as acompanion. Bearing with her pain. 

We have to stop by oftenly. Sometime we sat beside riverside, or under coconut tree. We laugh funny stories we share. So we could welcome to every unexpected event. We found the solution. We learn how to see thing with unbias. Beauty was appear to our heart. More clear befor she got sick again.

I and my mom found peaceful.

I start creating simple aesthetic artwork. New idea, free from attachment and perfection. I ambrace the truth, pain, illness, normality of life, simplicity, and joyfull. Even if we live in serious illness and deteriorated body.

Even strong steel decays. rusty appeared, and also beauty.

Decay body may difficult to cope, but my mom could find peaceful quality.

And connecting to human sprit, human’s spiritual.

It’s the thruth of the transience.


Artist: Pacharin Kalsey and family

Title: 33/ 33/ 3

Technique: Mixed media

Pacharin live in USA for 33 years. She run restaurant at Florida with her Amerecan husband. The couples like outdoor activities such as fishing, camping wood tracking. When her husband, Rey, had sign of Alzheimer’s, she invite Ray visiting to Thailand.

Pacharin and Ray come to Thailand in 2020. The visiting tript was stoped because of Covid crisis. Both had to live at home as quarantine setting. Ray got Covid till he have to take care at hospital. He passed away at year 89. At last period Ray said he want to go back home in USA. Pacharin said that she will bring him home and put a staff fish to his arm to comfort him.

“And oxygen tube was withdrawn, sleeping pill and Morphine was gave to him. He passed away peacefully. I’d been seeing him for so long since Covid. It’s prohibit to see the Covid patient. The fire from crematory burned my heart along with Ray’s body.

After he passed away for 3 months. Pacharin live alone. Now she got third stage with breast cancer. She enter to sergery and chemotherapy process, beside by families and her nephews.

30 years of couple’s life will be forever. His goddness is with my ethernity. Ray give me a good life, acomplish my purpose before I went to USA.


Artist:  Onanong Klinsiri

Title: Santi Phawan

Technique: Mixed media

In the Bhuddist belieave near-death state and last consciousnedd is the most important that determine how life will goes in the next life cycles. It’s a critical time for enlighthen also. Most of buddhist venerable desir a comfort atmosphere for the concious and life transformation process.

Unfortunately that in Thai society. Most of temple are not well prepared for end of life care for Buddhist monks. Many health care practices and settings aren’t concern their life style and precept. Some of them died lonely in the hospital or temple. Some of them have to quite being monk to be a secular patient with distant relatives

Hospice for Buddhist monks seems a fit solution for this situation. So, Shanti Bhavan was founded.

In fact Buddha said that caring for ill monk is good as caring for ill Bhuddha. Buddha also said that “monks should take care for monk themself because if monks doesn’t take care each other, who’ll take care us?” 


Artist: Wisute Sangsiri

Title: New pathway for grama

Technique: Sculpture objects

Confronting end of life, dying and death

The patient’s carer said “They gone well”.

Yes! Right! Agree!

However there’re thougth about “how to help they walk nicely on the new pathway?”

This object may confort her walking.

Goodluck granma. Hope you going well, being well, and joining with whoever you love and waiting for you.


Artist Karuntee Phongsai 

Title: Legacy of sound

Technique: Mixed media and sound music

My uncle gave me this electric guitar before his pass away by terminal lung cancer.

Doctor had dectected just for once. 

Now I use them everytime in the consert for remember him who inspiring me, teach me how to play guitar.

His legacy is the sound of empthiness.

And he’ll never came back forever.


Artist: Pongphisut Rattanawichian

Title: Hope

Technique: Mixed media

Ethernal happiness and security is an illusion.

Suffering has been multiple incressing.

My beloved mother confront to serious illness desease at the end of life.

Suffering create passions, hatred and blam for the destiny. 

We remember what we want to forget.  We forget what we want to remember. 

Around and around.

No one want to cope the suffering, the essenses of life.

No one escape from.

So emprace them.

Contemplate the truth with honer.

Lets suffering come and go.

Lets live till the end with love.


Artist: Surasit Meenam

Title: Relation in the past

Technique: Blanket, baby powder

I and granpa had closed relationship. Now he was in the sky. I miss him so much and thinking about past event and things that we did togeter. 

When I was young. He will cut my hair. But when he got frail till he couldn’t take care to himself, so I cut his hair and take his bath. 

This grey blanket is the one that we shared and blanked in bed. It comforted me. 

Now he was gone but I feel his being when I blanket it again.